Social media giant bidding $60 million for Titan Aerospace, say reports

Facebook discussing drone company purchase

Facebook is said to be in talks to purchase an aerial drone manufacturer.

Techcrunch reported that the social media giant is offering $60 million (£36 million) to acquire Titan Aerospace, citing someone outside the company with “unauthorised access” to the information and Titan board member Asher Delung.

The report goes onto say that “Facebook is interested in using the high-flying drones to blanket parts of the world without internet access, beginning with Africa”, as part of the project, which aims to provide internet access to people worldwide.

Founded in 2012, Titan Aerospace produces drones that operate at near-orbital altitudes, nicknamed ‘atmosats’ by the firm. The solar-powered flying machines can go for roughly five years without needing to land.

While commercial drones are currently illegal in America, the Titan Aerospace drones would fly at a high enough level (beyond 60,000 feet) to avoid FAA laws and instead be regarded as a form of satellite, therefore making them legal.

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