Amazon and Ebuyer are considering High Street retail stores

BLOG: Etailer plans to open physical stores offer hope for the High Street

For some time now the general consensus has been that High Street stores are struggling while online retail is booming.

Many have described the future of our town centres as comprising of rows and rows of empty shops because no one can be bothered to leave their comfy sofas and actually visit a physical store anymore.

So it may be surprising to hear that one of the UK’s biggest online electrical retailers, Ebuyer, is planning to open retail stores on the High Street.

But why would any successful etailer consider the doom and gloom of the High Street?

Well, according to Ebuyer, the humble High Street will not die out, it just needs to adapt.

Amazon already has its self-service delivery locations, Amazon Lockers, which enable consumers to pick up their parcels. So, how long will it be until the biggest online retailer in the world decides that having its lockers inside its very own High Street stores is a good idea?

With a recent survey conducted by retail agency Live & Breathe finding that 31 per cent of consumers are keen for Amazon to start opening physical shops, the trend of etailers opening up High Street stores may be not be a crazy idea after all.

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