8Pack and HiVizMan attempting to break KingPins 4x card Firestrike/Firestrike Extreme record

Overclockers UK attempts World Record live on Twitch

Overclockers UK is live streaming an attempt to break an overclocking World Record.

The retailer’s Twitch channel, which only launched yesterday (February 26th), is host to well-known overclockers 8Pack and HiVizMan, who are hoping to break the record set by KingPins using a 4x card Firestrike/Firestrike Extreme system – which means they are attempting to power four high-performance graphics cards at once to beat the performance score set by KingPins’ setup.

Overclockers UK marketing manager Mark Purdy told PCR: “As a company, we have many PC gamers so myself and John Dawson from sales decided to make a channel to just sit, socialise and game on.”

“This shows our customers that we as a company include gamers, so we really do understand our customer base. I used to play games at LAN events, and most people here play games.”

“I feel our customers are more likely to buy and listen to us when they see that we are not just corporate bodies, but young enthusiastic members who love to game too.”

“I think we might be the first etailer with members of staff doing this,” he added.

One fan, Iamapropos, commented: “I’m absolutely LOVING watching this!! And I thought I liked just regularly taking my time finding my max overclocks on my GPU’s this is just…. Epic."

At the time of writing, the stream has been viewed over 5,000 times, and has added backing to the argument that businesses should be taking note of the booming popularity of live streaming services such as Twitch in order to boost consumer engagement.

Twitch’s Matthew DiPetro previously told PCR that the site provides businesses a unique access to ‘cord-cutting’ core audiences – read the full interview with DiPetro here.

Watch live video from overclockers_uk on www.twitch.tv

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