Netflix on the attack after Amazon reduces annual cost of Lovefilm

VIDEO: Netflix mocks Amazon with delivery drone advert

TV and film streaming service Netflix has released a fake advert poking fun at Amazon’s future plans for delivery drones.

Last year, Amazon released a video showing a prototype of an Amazon deliver drone, showing that the firm plans to use autonomous octocopters in the future to carry Amazon orders to customers’ doorsteps.

Netflix’s satirical video shows its DVD division manager Hank Breeggemann explaining that the firm has spent “days working out most of the bugs” while we’re shown a clip of a woman running away from a copter that crashes into a building.

This isn’t the first fake ad released by a company mocking Amazon’s drones idea. Waterstones released one just days after the original featuring an Owl delivery service for its books.

While the Amazon video was released a while back, Netflix has most probably only decided to mock it now due to the announcement that Amazon is making changes to its Netflix rival Lovefilm, which will see the service costing less than Netflix’s.

Check out Netflix’s parody drone delivery video below:

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