Production of VR headset developer kit temporarily stopped, confirms Oculus community manager

Oculus Rift production halted due to component shortage

Production of the Oculus Rift developer kit has been halted due to a component supply shortage.

A post on the sub-Reddit for the virtual reality headset confirmed that specific components used in the kit were no longer being made, and as such would result in a temporary stoppage as new sources are located.

“Certain components used in the Oculus Rift developer kit are no longer being manufactured, meaning they are no longer available to us for production,” explained community manager Andres Hernandez.

“As a result, we don’t have the necessary materials to produce additional kits.”

“We still have some stock available, but we’re quickly running out.”

“We are looking into alternate sources for the needed components, and we don’t yet have a timeline for when additional units will be available. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.”

“As we sell out of inventory in each region we plan to suspend sales in that region until we are able to deliver new orders.”

“We never expected to sell so many development kits and VR only made this much progress with the community’s support and enthusiasm. Even though we never wanted to sell out, it’s a good problem to have.”

Over 50,000 of the headset’s developer kit have been sold to date, with a consumer version of the Rift predicted for a release later this year.

Whether the component shortage will affect the release of the consumer model has not been stated.

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