Technology allows touchscreens to mimic different textures and surfaces

MWC 2014: Fujitsu to launch haptic tablets by 2015

Fujitsu is planning to release tablets with haptic feedback by 2015.

In its announcement of the development, Fujitsu said that “Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories are continuing with R&D to extend the range of tactile expressiveness, with the goal of commercialisation in fiscal 2015.”

“A prototype tablet will be exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2014.”

Haptic feedback technology allows touchscreens to mimic the textures of different surfaces, meaning users can experience a similar touch feeling to the real-life item.

Fujitsu’s system uses ultrasonic vibrations, which increase or decrease friction accordingly to recreate the surface texture.

“This technology enables tactile sensations – either smooth or rough, which had until now been difficult to achieve – right on the touchscreen display,” explained Fujitsu.

“Users can enjoy realistic tactile sensations as they are applied to images of objects displayed on the screen.”

In one example, a user touching an image of an alligator on screen “will convey the sensation of the skin texture appropriate to the place being touched.”

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