Prototype will be able to bend at 90 degrees, reports say

Samsung rumoured to showcase flexible tablet at Mobile World Congress

Samsung is preparing to demonstrate a flexible tablet at Mobile World Congress 2014 next week, it is claimed.

Korean news site Etnews is reporting that the bendable tablet will be able to flex to an angle of 90 degrees, transforming between a flat tablet-like form and a folded laptop-like appearance.

Samsung has already patented the technology to allow screens to fold up to 90 degrees, and has revealed both flexible smartphones and televisions in recent months – making a tablet release a natural progression.

According to Etnews, an representative from Samsung Electronics revealed [Translated]: "Samsung Electronics is preparing to reveal a bendable tablet at MWC."

"Concerning the interest of the product to the general public, the probability is low – the focus is on VIP and key industry personnel with only limited plans to introduce a private exhibition," he added.

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