Glasswall Solutions opposes the idea that focus should be on recovery, rather than prevention

‘Security breaches are not inevitable,’ says specialist

A security specialist has said that it opposes the idea that security breaches are inevitable for organisations.

UK-based technology security and risk information analyst Glasswall Solutions suggested that the focus of the industry should be on prevention, rather than recovery, concerning cyber attacks.

“We oppose the argument, made by some in our industry, that breach is inevitable and that organisations should focus on the speed and cost of remediation rather than well-planned, proactive defences,” said Greg Sim, CEO of Glasswall Solutions.

“Are we really saying we have lost the fight against cyber criminals, zero day threats and APTs?”

“The world has identified the inadequacy of traditional signature based anti-virus security and that is why we have invested in building an analytical solution that helps organisations to focus resources, proactively maintain compliance and governance standards – and confidently assure their stakeholders around file security.”

Several major companies have seen security breaches in the last few years – with Adobe, Kickstarter, Dropbox and Sony’s PlayStation Network among the biggest names targeted by cyber criminals.

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