Small devices use Bluetooth and NFC to keep track of items

Nokia announces key-tracking Treasure Tags

Nokia has announced Treasure Tags – small accessories which let owners keep track of their treasured items.

The match box-sized devices are paired with a phone using NFC or Bluetooth, and then can be strapped onto items such as keys, bags and wallets.

When the paired phone and tag become too far apart, an alert noise will sound to let the owner know they’re leaving something behind.

Should they be unable to find the missing item, the tag can be tracked using a map. Each tag’s battery lasts for six months, allowing plenty of time to frantically search behind sofas and in coat pockets.

Up to four tags per phone are supported, and can be identified with different icons or photos. Tags can also be deactivated, if necessary.

The tags are available in cyan, yellow, white and black colour schemes, and will launch in April with an estimated RRP of $29.90 (£18).

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