Gamers can gain access when Wolfenstein hits shelves on May 23rd

Doom 4 beta included with Wolfenstein pre-orders

The latest version of one of the most iconic PC games of all time – Doom – will allow gamers to play it before release by pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order.

An insert will be included inside boxed copies of Wolfenstein which hits shelves in the UK on May 23rd. This will include a key code, giving players access to the Doom beta.

There’s no word yet on the beta’s launch date or other gameplay details, but the news confirms the game’s existence.

"Timing and availability of future beta programs for Doom is to be determined," said Bethesda in a statement. "The only current way to ensure access is through pre-ordering Wolfenstein: The New Order. We will be providing more information on additional beta tests, if any, at a later time."

Last year publisher Bethesda revealed it had sent Doom 4 back to the drawing board to be reworked from the ground up.

More details can be found on the Doom beta FAQ page.

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