Two new currencies fight over FlappyCoin domain

Flappy Bird spawns two FlappyCoin currencies

Just when you thought Flappy Bird was dead, two new cryptocurrencies inspired by the infamous game launch.

Two separate digital currencies – both called FlappyCoin – are set to go head-to-head in the next few days as the second one begins mining.

The first FlappyCoin, which refers to itself as FLAP, went live on February 14th. The second, which has taken the domain, has posted a message on the site warning visitors of ‘fake FlappyCoin’.

Just to add confusion, FLAP believes that the .org domain will be ‘claimed back’ soon.

FlappyCoin’s post on explains: “The ‘Flappy Bird’ reference in the coin name is to remind us that even a little, insignificant idea can take over the world.”

PCR’s not quite convinced that FlappyCoin will get the backing it needs to take on Bitcoin or even Dogecoin, but we’ll be keeping in eye out for the winner of this battle over the next week.

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