The hottest new gadgets looking for distributors

Top nine new tech products revealed at Distree EMEA 2014

The hottest new emerging tech products were presented to the trade at Distree EMEA 2014 last night, each of which picked up a ‘Fresh’ Award for innovation.

The Fresh Awards Show was hosted by Fred Brown. Here are the winners:

Basis Science smart band

This is a wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard designed to help people easily incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines. It’s launched in the US and the firm is exploring distribution partnerships in EMEA now.

Nuri Atti robot toy

This educational robot is priced at $499 and teaches kids all kinds of subjects such as Maths skills. Kids can also play with the toy.

Narrative camera

A tiny wearable automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. It takes a photo every 30 seconds and allows the user to look back on what’s been taken at the end of the day. It has 8GB of memory and costs $279.


The Mapi is a handbag that uses light displays. It’s not on sale yet. The technology can also be used on clothes.


This device is billed as the world’s most versatile solar charger and can charge ‘as fast as’ conventional power sockets. It can charge smartphones or tablets on the move and is priced at 100 to 200 Euros. It’s being distributed in the US and Asia but not EMEA just yet.

Parrot Flower Power

This can be inserted into soil to track a plant’s development, and let you know if it needs more water or sunlight, or if it’s too cold, for example. It’s priced at 49 Euros or $59 in the US.


This is a 360 degree panoramic camera that takes 360-degree photos, which can be shared on Facebook. It can be connected to a computer via WiFi or USB. It’s priced at 449 Euros or £379. It will begin shipping in the US in April.

Netatmo Thermostat

This is a thermostat remote which can be accessed using a smartphone or tablet. It lets the user control their home’s thermostat even while on the move. It’s priced at 179 Euros.


These are LED lights placed inside the tyres of a bicycle to aid safety – and look cool. They increase side visibility of cyclists and are powered by a USB Lithium ion rechargeable battery, which lasts four hours per charge. It has no distributor yet.

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