Entatech director, John Atherton, will give resellers an insight into his views and opinions in a monthly article

Entatech launches reseller-focused newsletter BITE

Enatech has launched its new monthly newsletter, BITE, to give resellers a bite-sized look at the distributor’s vendors.

The newsletter will showcase vendor product portfolios as well as any current initiatives that resellers can benefit from.

It will also include the latest events, trade shows, products, reseller promotions and vendor agreements.

Entatech’s director, Jon Atherton, will also be giving resellers an insight into his views and opinions in his monthly article, ‘The Director’s Cut’.

Kate Fuller, Entatech marketing manager, commented: “In BITE, we’re aiming to give our customers an update on all things Entatech related. It’s important that our resellers are kept informed of any changes and opportunities that may affect or interest them and BITE is a simple, yet effective way for us to achieve this. It’s also a great way we can put the spotlight on some of our staff members and vendors so our customers can get to know them better.”

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