Membership Milestone programme will provide funding, promotion and in-game rewards to groups

Blizzard to support esports gaming clubs in colleges

Blizzard has announced a partnership with The esports Association (TeSPA) to support gaming clubs in educational institutions.

The Membership Milestone campaign will provide funding, promotion and in-game rewards for events hosted by esports clubs in universities.

A group website, member T-shirts, mailing list service and advice on how to grow the group will be provided to those who sign up.

At 40 members, a Twitch stream will be provided; at 65, $300 (£183) towards one event each year and the chance to rent hardware such as cables; at 80, money towards a pizza party and additional equipment; at 200, a yearly budget of $500 (£305), gaming peripherals and other benefits.

The benefits of the programme will be provided to members of the TeSPA network, on the condition that they pay a $10 (£6) fee and provide a “game agnostic” group where anyone can join and play.

The choice of titles to be played competitively isn’t limited to Blizzard games, but in-game rewards will be provided for the publisher’s StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone games.

“TeSPA has been a positive force in the esports community built from the ground up by a small group of dedicated fans,” said CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Mike Morhaime.

“By partnering with TeSPA we hope to give back to the players in a very new way to add fuel to an already thriving collegiate scene.”

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