DueDil to give away its guardian advertising to small companies

Firm behind Guardian’s Doge advert says it was ‘just for fun’

DueDil, the firm behind today’s Doge advert in the Guardian has revealed to PCR that it was printed because they ‘thought it would be funny’.

A series of adverts were awarded to whoever won the Guardian’s Small Business Networks competition.

Damian Kimmelman, CEO of the financial information provider explained: “We got into the competition because at the time we thought we needed advertising, but we don’t really need it now so we thought we should do something funny with it.

“The guardian was really cool about it, they thought it was funny too.”

So for the remainder of the adverts, will we be seeing a series of popular memes printed in the Guardian?

“For the rest of the ads that we have for the guardian we’d like to support companies that could use the advertising,” said Kimmelman.

You can enter your company name in a draw for the chance to get an ad running for two days in the Guardian’s business section by emailing wow@duedil.com with a brief explanation of what you would do with the advert.

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