Overclockers praises ‘brilliant’ demand for mining machines, while Bitcoin expert urges firms to take notice of cryptocurrencies

‘There’s a strong future for Bitcoin in retail’

Etailer Overclockers UK has praised the market for cryptocurrency, describing it as an “excellent opportunity to generate sales”.

Questioned about the possibility of accepting transactions in currencies such as Bitcoin, marketing manager Mark Purdy told PCR: “We would really need to monitor digital currency, as the payment method is so new there could be potential hiccups."

“This isn’t to say never, but not at this moment in time.”

Despite dismissing the acceptance of Bitcoin for the meantime, Purdy went on to praise its popularity and the “excellent opportunity to generate sales through the demand of high-end hardware” for cryptocurrency miners.

“So long as there is money to be made in Bitcoins, I can see a strong future for retail,” he explained.

Jon Holmquist, who helped start two Bitcoin retailers and helmed the Bitcoin Black Friday campaign to raise awareness for Bitcoin in retail, commented that the cryptocurrency “definitely rewards its merchants”.

“Most retailers were nonplussed about the internet when it came out. It’s only natural that they’re fairly ignorant of Bitcoin,” he said.

“Accepting Bitcoin allows you to tap into a growing community of users, lower processing fees and lower fraud. Quite simply: it’s a new option, a new alternative.”

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