Linksys national account manager Tim Shaw looks at why the channel needs to upgrade the conversion rate for smart home networks…

OPINION: Get connected with networking – it’s the smart retail move

Linksys national account manager Tim Shaw looks at why the channel needs to upgrade the conversion rate for smart home networks…

Home networks were once limited to the world of technophiles, with many traditional households regarding access to the internet a ‘luxury’.These days, priorities have changed. Internet access forms a core component to the day-to-day functioning of a home.

The number of devices connected to the home network has also increased. The average household currently has at least six connected devices, from laptops to tablets, game consoles, printers and smartphones. In fact, the number of smart devices will have overtaken the global population growth at the end of 2013, reaching an astonishing 50 billion by 2020 (Stevens Institute of Technology) – fuelled by the introduction of new connected devices such as smart TVs, smart thermostats or even connected light bulbs.

It is our responsibility as members of this fast-paced market to educate our partners and customers about the world of possibilities an integrated, smart and truly connected home can bring. More importantly, inform them of the considerable advantages of upgrading to a smart router and having it at the centre of the home network set-up.

The days of dial-up or wired connections are long over and with that comes the convenience of Wi-Fi flexibility, performance and robust connectivity. A smart router spreads your valuable internet connection far and wide, providing access throughout the home to the plethora of smart devices.

In addition to better Wi-Fi coverage, smart routers are easier to grasp for consumers – transforming the scary ‘black box’ into a device that is understandable and easy to interact with; smart routers give consumers the option to flex parental control or prioritise bandwidth to specific devices at any time and from anywhere. Add to that the ability to easily connect more internet-enabled devices seamlessly through a mobile app, helping consumers to create a truly connected home.

Our habits are changing and so are our needs. We want to watch TV on a tablet in the bedroom or stream a movie recorded on our smartphone to the TV. The common denominator and essential component for this jump in tech gadgetry is an upgraded home network that is equipped to handle the connected devices of today and tomorrow.

Let’s get the upgrade conversation started. It’s one small purchase to an integrated home network, one giant leap for a truly smart experience.

About the author

Tim Shaw is national account manager at Linksys UK/I.

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