Tablet, pen and carry case weighs 94 per cent less than the average schoolbag

HappyBird ‘Digital backpack’ sells out within 72 hours

The new HappyBird ‘digital backpack’ for students has proved popular, selling out within just 72 hours.

According to the firm, up to fifty per cent of children in the UK have back problems as a result of carrying heavy schoolbags and books. HappyBird has created this product to help solve that problem.

The digital backpack comprises of a tablet, Bluetooth pen and carry case, weighing 94 per cent less than the average schoolbag.

The 8-inch tablet runs on Google’s Android operating system and the Bluetooth pen also connects pen and paper to the tablet in real-time, allowing the user to annotate work and send messages to friends.

The HappyBird tablet is also recyclable, so if a user accidentally damages the tablet, they can send it to a local recycling bank where a tablet insurance voucher will be issued towards the cost of a replacement..

HappyBird co-founder Jackson Anni commented: “We’re hearing the message loud and clear – people all around the world love our unique Bluetooth pen that scans from paper to tablet in real-time. HappyBird’s pen enhances creativity, and the tablet has over a million apps that can improve both the health of young people in the UK, as well as their learning experience and performance.”

The HappyBird costs £79.99 and is available now at

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