PCR joins PC Pal founder and MD Jat Mann through a typical day's activities...

A day in the life of: Jat Mann, Founder and MD, PC Pal

Most days start with walking my two children around the corner to their school and indulging in a game of Eye Spy or pulling the sledge along when it has snowed.

Once back home, I grab some cereal, a cup of tea and the ubiquitous iPad and check over the emails that have come in overnight from suppliers and colleagues in various time zones, before getting ready for one of our regular online meetings with franchisees.

Around 10.30am, I’m off in the car for the short drive to the office to catch up with the team, call our franchisees and discuss the latest developments or issues needing my attention. Late morning will usually involve meeting with a supplier or partner, discussing how we work together either utilising their products or software ourselves or as a reseller.

After a late lunch and another cup of tea, I get down to writing various blog posts and articles as well as replying to the morning’s incoming emails. The rest of the afternoon is usually spent planning and implementing updates to our systems and websites, catching up on the never-ending to-do list and catching a webinar about the latest marketing techniques.

As early evening arrives, it’s time to get back in the car and head off to speak at a networking event, this time explaining the benefits that using tablet devices can bring to small business users and answering questions.

I’m usually home in time to spend some time with our oldest child or tuck the little one into bed after some larking about and reading her a story. If I don’t have a Skype call scheduled with an overseas partner or a call with a franchisee, it’s time to catch up with the latest episode of Silent Witness.

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