Entry-level card rumoured to replace GTX 650

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 revealed

A new Nvidia graphics card has been revealed.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 was posted online by Chinese retailer TMall, which detailed the entry-level card’s features.

Predicted to replace the GTX 650, the 750 is based on the Maxwell GPU design and features a GM10* core with 768 CUDA cores – double that of the 650. 1GB of DDR5 memory, DirectX 11.2 support and a 128-bit interface were also detailed.

The card is expected to run with clock speeds of 1020MHz, 1085MHz and 5GHz for core, GPU boost and memory respectively. Outputs include DVI, VGA and HDMI.

A 750 Ti card was also revealed, which increases the specifications to 960 CUDA cores, 2GB of memory and a core clock speed of 1098MHz.

The 750 and 750 Ti are due for release in China on February 18th. UK prices and release dates are yet to be revealed.

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