‘iPen’ would detect orientation and recreate calligraphy realistically

Apple patents double-sided touchscreen laptop and ‘iPen’ stylus

Apple has been awarded a pair of patents for possible future laptop and styli devices.

The ‘electronic device display module’ would transform a laptop’s casing – such as those of Apple’s MacBook products – into a touch-sensitive surface.

The surface could result in a secondary rear-facing screen in the lip of the laptop, which can also be embedded with solar cells.

Apple suggests that the lid could be used as a form of security, such as a password system in order to unlock the laptop via a magnetic latch.

The firm was also awarded a patent for an ‘iPen’ stylus.

The latest in a series of stylus-related patents from Apple, the ‘stylus orientation detection’ technology would detect the position of a stylus device in relation to the display it is being used on.

This could be used to recreate the calligraphy of a user’s writing based on how a pen in real life would draw at the same angle. It could also be used for graphic artists for finer accuracy when using certain tools.

While neither patent guarantees the appearance of such products in the future, they continue to build on the multiple innovative patents recently secured by the firm.

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