Firm advising businesses running older WS versions to upgrade before support ends next year

Microsoft: ‘Upgrading Windows Server is like moving from an estate to a sports car’

Microsoft is advising businesses running older Windows Server versions to upgrade before support ends.

“Organisations that are on older versions of WS will benefit the most from upgrading to Windows Server 2012 R2,” Windows Server product marketing manager Patrik Bihammer told PCR.

“Particularly if [they] are still on WS 2003 – which is going to have support ended in July 2015 and offers no Hyper-V platform – or WS 2008, considering all the significant enhancements over the last several releases to improve the performance and availability of your networking infrastructure.”

“To use an analogy, the performance improvements you get moving from WS 2003/2008 to WS 2012 R2 is like moving from driving an estate vehicle to a sports car.”

Windows Server 2012 R2 is the second Windows Server product to be launched within the space of a year, which Bihammer said was a sign of the continuing strength of the networking software.

“WS 2012 was a fantastic product release, one of the most significant and substantial product releases in the history of Windows Server – similar to moving from WS NT to WS 2000,” he explained.

“Yet, the fact that we have released WS 2012 R2 within 12 months of a previous major release just shows the rate of innovation that we are putting into our products.”

“WS 2012 R2 is not just a ‘basic service pack’ – the product is a major release with substantial enhancements including significant advances in server, storage and network virtualisation.”

Bihammer added that any firms beginning to implement a Bring Your Own Device policy may benefit from upgrading.

“We have embraced the BYOD phenomena and are building technology to enable IT firms to empower their employees to work from anywhere and from any device with technology built into WS 2012 R2 – from Active Directory, Dynamic Access Control, Direct Access, Work Folders as well as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), to helping with management, security, remote access, protection and control of corporate information,” he said.

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