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New paper ‘dismantles damaging myths’ of using open source OS

Avnet Embedded has put out an opinion paper that aims to ‘dismantle damaging myths’ around the supposed benefits of using open source operating systems to build devices and applications.

The paper, entitled ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Operating Systems: Time to Close In on the Myths of Open Source’, is downloadable from Avnet Embedded’s website here:

Software Director of Avnet Embedded, Nick Donaldson, argues in the paper that open source operating systems, and in particular Linux, benefit from misplaced goodwill, simply "because of their community-based, non-commercial pedigree".

Donaldson says that the reality of their everyday deployment is "hidden (and spiralling) costs, unfeasibly long lead times, draconian support contracts, poor stability, and confusing development tools – amongst others".

The purpose of the paper is to protect customers from being persuaded to make the wrong development decisions based on the perceived ethical high ground that open source providers occupy in the popular imagination.

Donaldson states in the paper that Linux engineers’ pay is rising at double the rate of other tech professionals, and says that nine out of ten hiring managers say it is difficult to find Linux professionals.

Donaldson comments: “The Open Source model has its place, and Linux has its strengths and benefits, but the relative absence of hard information out there about the drawbacks of using this kind of technology means that critical business and development decisions are efffectively being taken off the back of feel-good folklore – and it has to stop. 

“We’re calling time on the mythmakers right now – as far as we’re concerned, it’s open season on Open Source from here on in.” 

Avnet Embedded is a product business group within Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, an operating region of Avnet. It supplies displays, embedded computing hardware, software, networking and wireless products.

The paper is available to download here:

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