Existing iPad-only programme to expand to include multiple devices and platforms

AllLearn programme aims to give every student any mobile device

The allLearn programme, which aims to provide iPads to every student in a school, is to expand to include a wider range of options.

XMA, the IT solutions provider behind the campaign, is preparing to widen the currently iPad-only scheme to function across multiple devices and operating systems, such as Windows tablets.

AllLearn attempts to reduce the cost of enabling each and every student to have their own personal device.

The “one to one” approach lets students to have their own iPad, for use in school and at home, and XMA claims the campaign has resulted in “tangible improvements in attainment and attendance levels, with many schools achieving higher Ofsted scores since implementing the allLearn programme”.

“We have worked collaboratively with schools and parents to develop allLearn since day one,” said Jamie Marshall-Watt, marketing director at XMA and principal architect of allLearn.

“The overall objective with allLearn is to ensure that teachers and students are gaining the most out of the technology, as well as offering a financially sustainable framework. Schools are telling us that they would like to see other devices available as part of allLearn, largely due to cost or existing ICT infrastructure considerations, and so it is a natural progression for us and further enhances the allLearn offer.”

The allLearn programme is currently being used by over 500 primary and secondary schools in the UK. Additional devices and operating systems will be available later this year.

Image of boys using tablets courtesy of Shutterstock.co.uk

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