3D and 4K also off the table for the video calling service for the time being

Skype ‘not looking at live streaming’

Skype has no plans to launch its own live streaming service, the firm’s GM for consumer marketing has told PCR.

Asked whether it would utilise its existing video technology on the Xbox One to provide a service similar to that of Twitch, which will provide integrated live streaming capability for the console later this year, Phillip Snalune replied that “certainly it’s an interesting service, and we’ve thought about it […] but its not something that we’re currently looking at”.

Snalune went on to praise the “specifically designed” version of Skype for Microsoft’s games console, which can be ‘snapped’ to the edge of the screen to chat with friends while playing games or watching TV.

“It’s been incredibly popular,” he said.

“We brought good video calls to the TV for the first time ever – which we think is a pretty cool thing to bring.”

Questioned about other display technology such as 4K and 3D, the latter of which Skype has previously been rumoured to be working on for video calls, Snalune said that there was “nothing to announce”.

“There’s no rationality that I’m sitting here being guarded about, but I think we have a clear process in the way in which we invest in video innovations,” he explained.

“We continue to look at ways in which we can innovate in video calling quality but at this point there’s nothing we have to say on 3D or 4K.”

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