Vendor "would like to integrate" its DS Cam app with wearable tech

Synology keen to let users view surveillance camera footage using Google Glass

Storage vendor Synology has told PCR it would like to integrate its DS Cam app for use with upcoming wearable tech Google Glass.

Users can currently access the app with a Synology NAS (network attached storage) product, which displays IP camera surveillance footage on-screen.

Synology UK MD Mike Chen would like Google Glass wearers to be able to view their surveillance feed while wearing the glasses, so for example while at work they can have a quick view of their living room, for example.

"I think wearable tech and everything that’s visual will be the next step in the game," he told PCR at the launch of Synology’s DSM 5.0 OS Beta.

"I’d like to see more connectivity between devices – it’s all about sharing.

"We have DS Cam which lets you see a live view from your IP cameras. You could potentially put the Google Glasses on and view the feed from your CCTV camera using our DS Cam app. I think we would like to integrate this.

"Again – it’s about flexibility. Everybody likes to have options. It’s there if I need it, if not I have the option not to use it. Either way, it’s good to have that option."

Synology showed off its latest NAS OS at the event to several hundred customers.

View pictures of the event here:

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