Update includes automatic malware blocking and the ability to track down noisy tabs

Chrome 32 release brings new Chrome OS-style Windows 8 look

Google has released Chrome version 32 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The update includes a Chrome OS-style new look for Windows 8 Metro mode, as well as automatic malware blocking.

Users can now visually scan their tabs for a speaker icon to quickly find which one is playing music or a video.

Chrome was already available on Windows 8, but with the release of Chrome 32, the new version basically looks like Chrome OS running within the Windows 8 operating system.

Instead of just the regular browser, Chrome 32’s new UI and Metro mode lets users run multiple browser windows, along with a shelf at the bottom of the screen where they can access a number of Google apps and services such as Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube and Google Search.

Chrome 32 also addresses 21 security issues, the usual bug fixes, and stability improvements.

For more information and to download the latest version of the browser visit Chrome’s official blog.

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