Free eBook points out how resellers can waste their time and money on ineffective marketing

Entanet launches marketing techniques eBook for resellers

Entanet has produced a new eBook to encourage its partners to reassess their current marketing activities.

The eBook highlights ten of the quickest ways that resellers waste their time and money on ineffective marketing. It looks at the folly of paying obsessive attention to detail over SEO, the need to put quality ahead of quantity when it comes to blogging and press releases, and the importance of focusing on your target audience.

Darren Farnden, head of marketing at Entanet, said: “Marketing is a potent tool for resellers, especially when it’s done well, and a lot of our partners are excellent at it. It’s all too easy though for marketing teams to get caught up in the hype about the latest techniques and concepts. They can end up wasting effort on activities that yield no meaningful results – that are, effectively, ‘useless’.

“We wanted to challenge the accepted wisdom in certain areas, such as SEO and blogging, and trigger some debate and discussion within our partner community. The eBook is our way of saying ‘Are you really convinced that the marketing you do today is effective?’ We want them to question their own ideas and conceptions and share them with us.”

The eBook is free to download at

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