Retailer sets sights on super-rich; half of Dixon’s turnover in Harrods comes from two per cent of customers

Dixons lifts Harrods tech sales 80%

Harrods’ technology department says it expects the strong demand for premium tech to rise in 2014 and beyond. 

Sales have risen 80 per cent since Dixons began running the department around two and a half years ago, with half of the section’s turnover coming from just two per cent of customers in the famous London store.

Dixons Retail concession director Sascha C. Kolb, who runs Harrods’ tech department, told PCR: “There is still very strong demand for high-end technology. The credit crunch didn’t happen in Harrods – it has annual revenues of over £1 billion. And this is the best tech store in the world.

“We’re seeing more Chinese and Russian customers, and people from the Middle East. The super-rich fly over to visit us.”

Kolb said Harrods is popular with foreigners because it provides a personal touch. For example, staff learn what the lucky numbers and favoured colours are within a customer’s culture, and can adapt the in-store merchandising to suit.

Dixons Retail CEO Sebastian James added: “Five years ago Harrods asked us to run their technology department. I think it’s safe to say that’s not been a decision they have regretted. Since we’ve taken over sales have grown 80 per cent.

“Last year we won the Harrods ‘best concession’ award, and we are the only company ever to score 100 per cent customer satisfaction in any department in Harrods. We’re very proud of this achievement and for Sascha and his team, who have done a great job.

“It’s a fantastic team at Harrods, with incredibly sophisticated, clever and knowledgeable people, and they have to be because 50 per cent of our turnover comes from just two per cent of our customers in this store.

“This is a very highly concentrated market full of very affluent people.”

Some of the most expensive items in the store include a £68,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone case, a £20,000 Ferrari camera and a £20,000 set of ‘Diamond Tears’ Monster headphones.

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