Currency developers offered Kanye 100,000 Coinye if he got behind the idea

Kanye West tries to ban Coinye, developers launch currency early

Rapper Kanye West
Is not impressed
By a new digital currency
Named Coinye West

West has tried and failed to ban the launch of Coinye, which is based on crypto-currency Bitcoin, saying it infringes on his trademark.

The anonymous developers have responded by launching early, tweeting: ‘WHO GON STOP ME HUH? Coinye feelin’ the heat, going to spread what we got so far before the bigwigs steal our work!!’

One thing that may have annoyed the rapper is the image used on the coin. It’s Kanye as a fish, wearing his trademark glasses. It refers to an episode of South Park where he is revealed to be a ‘gay fish’.

The group behind the currency is reported to have offered Kanye 100,000 Coinye if he made contact and got behind the idea.

In other music/digital currency news Mel B has become the first artist to officially accept Bitcoin payments for her new single For Once In My Life.

Lily Allen however has admitted she’s an ‘idiot’ for not accepting a payment in Bitcoin five years ago which would have now be worth millions.

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