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A look at the most innovative smartwatches at this year’s show

CES 2014: Smartwatch roundup

In the lead up to CES 2014 there was a lot of talk about the different kinds of wearable technology that would be unveiled at the show. Here we take a look at the various smartwatches that have caught our attention so far.

Pebble Steel (pictured, right)
Pebble’s second-gen smartwatch has an all-metal design and features a Gorilla Glass touchscreen which protects the device against scratches and water. It has a five to seven day battery life and will cost around $249.

Intel Smart Watch
During its keynote, Intel showed off a prototype smartwatch incorporating geofencing and location-based notifications design to alert users when a child or family member has left a specific location.

Kreyos Meteor
The Meteor features a waterproof plastic body and band. Available in an array of colours, the smartwatch supports voice and gesture commands. It also features a built-in activity tracker to measure fitness levels.

Disgned as a ‘watch-phone’ for kids aged five through 12, the Filip comes with unlimited voice and data for $10 a month. It can only make and receive calls from five numbers and has an app to allow parents to track the child’s location on a map.

Archos Smartwatches
This range features a curved display with an e-ink screen. The company has left out a camera to bring down pricing, which starts at $50.

The HOT comes in four different styles – classic, basic, curve and edge. It has a three to seven day battery life and enables users to place voice calls directly from the device.

Martian Notifier
While this device may look like a classic wristwatch it actually comes with smartwatch features, including notification alerts for calls, messages and social networks, and a small OLED readout.

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