Long-developed band touts dual screens and smartphone connectivity

CES 2014: Razer steps into fitness-tracking market with Nabu smartband

Razer has jumped into the wearable tech market with its latest products – the Nabu smartband.

The Nabu uses two OLED screens; one on the outside of the wearer’s wrist and one on the inside.

The concept behind the placement is that the outside screen displays general information (eg. the notification of an incoming call) while the inner screen can show more detailed and personal information (eg. who is calling).

"We’ve been working on the Nabu band for about three and a half years," stated Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, told The Verge.

"We’ve looked at everything from smartwatches to fitness bands along the way, and we were pretty unhappy with the state of things."

The device, which combines the features of smartwatches and fitness-tracking bands, is designed for third-party developers to grasp and turn into their own design.

The band is designed to give the battery life of fitness bands, with between seven and ten days of life, with the more engaging features of a smartwatch. It can connect to iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth Low Energy and can track steps taken, stairs climbed and quality of sleep.

"We’re opening up all this information, all this data — subject of course to the user’s permission — to developers out there,” added Tan, on the device’s API.

“First-party and third-party developers can now use all this data that they didn’t have access to before.”

The band will become available for developers within the next few months for $49, with a higher-priced consumer version releasing later in the year.

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