Point-of-sale system hopes to avoid the danger of stolen fingerprints

CES 2014: PulseWallet puts payment in the palm of your hand

A new point-of-sale system will allow customers to purchase things with a wave of their hand.

PulseWallet uses palm recognition to identify customers, which is said to be faster and more secure than fingerprint scanning.

The company behind the technology claims while that while fingerprints can potentially be stolen and subsequently recreated, PulseWallet only requires a wave of the palm over the sensor, so no physical imprint is left behind.

Those who choose to use the service will be able to register a credit card to their palm and then automatically pay using that card with every following swipe.

Despite an abundace of palm readers at the showcase, PulseWallet was unable to predict when the technology would begin to appear in-store were announced. However, the firm did confirm that the technology would appear in the US first, before moving worldwide.

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