Helmet claims to restore hair in nine months

CES 2014: iGrow helmet uses lasers to reverse baldness

Bald men with dreams of luscious locks rejoice: a new tech helmet claims it can reverse hair loss in under a year.

The iGrow Hair Growth System, which looks like a bicycle helmet combined with a set of audio headphones, uses a series of 51 lasers and LED lights to apply low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to naked noggins.

The lasers use a wavelength of 655 nanometres to “re-energise” and restore the growth of hair follicles, the iGrow’s creators said.

Used for 25 minutes at a time daily, with the headphones present to allow music to be played while treatment happens, the average user should see a reduction in hair loss in around six to eight weeks, with total restoration in nine months.

The iGrow is available now, at a price of £665.

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