Lenses can mimic an IMAX screen when watching movies

CES 2014: Get superhuman vision with Innovega’s smart lenses

Seattle startup Innovega has announced smart contact lenses that offer enhanced focusing abilities.

Wearers of the iOptik lenses will be able to hold their finger in front of their eye and see the fine details of their fingerprint – something that the natural eye can’t focus on so close up.

As well as this, the lenses work with a special pair of glasses which include flat-panels that can display apps and media.

The firm says Google Glass is the equivalent of having a smartphone around 25-inches in front of your face, whereas the iOptik lenses and glasses provide six times the resolution and 20 times the area.

Innovega also says users will be able to play truly immersive video games and the iOptik system can mimic an IMAX screen when watching movies.

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