Concept uses self-contained components to create desktop configurations on-the-fly

CES 2014: VIDEO: Razer’s Project Christine is an easily-upgradable modular PC

Razer has demonstrated ‘Project Christine’, a concept that uses modular components to provide easy upgrades to desktop PC users.

Christine is built around a tower full of slots. Self-contained component modules can be inserted into the holes to create desktop computer configurations on-the-fly with no technical knowledge.

The components, including processors, memory, graphics cards, storage and power supplies, include their own integrated liquid-cooling and noise cancellation and use the PCI-Express architecture to automatically sync without the need for installation.

Razer believes that the easily-swapped nature of Christine will make keeping up with the evolution of technology easy, “helping eliminate the need to replace entire systems”.

Take a look at the short announcement video for the concept below:

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