Transforming concept device consists of three parts which can be arranged into five different combinations

CES 2014: Toshiba showcases five-in-one ‘shape-shifting’ PC

Seemingly not content with the three-in-one devices readily available on the market, Toshiba has demonstrated a five-in-one “shape-shifting” PC concept.

The device consists of three parts – a display, keyboard and kickstand – that can be arranged in five different configurations.

By attaching the keyboard, a traditional laptop is formed. Two different tablet shapes can be formed – one by removing the keyboard and another by folding it backwards to sit flat on the back of the screen.

The kickstand, which houses the device’s motherboard, can be used in ‘Presentation/TV’ mode, and ‘Canvas’ mode, which favours stylus users, is assumed by rotating the keyboard 270 degrees.

Currently only a concept without pricing or further details, Toshiba is using the device’s appearance at CES to gather feedback. The company added that it was considering allowing users to boot into both Windows and Android on the device, which would switch as different modes were used.

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