John Legere said: "I wanna be free, I want to just live. @ATT preferred I didn’t do so in their party."

CES 2014: T-Mobile CEO crashes AT&T party, gets kicked out

The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, was allegedly booted out of a party held by rival network AT&T at CES 2014, after a picture of him was uploaded to Twitter.

Legere said he crashed the party because he wanted to hear rapper Macklemore perform live at the show.

Journalist Roger Cheng originally uploaded the picture of himself and Legere to Twitter, before saying security had escorted the T-Mobile boss out.

Legere then began to re-tweet other users who wrote that they are going to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile. He also cheekily tweeted the official AT&T account (see below).

T-Mobile will hold a live webcast at CES today (Wednesday, January 8th) at 12.30PT.

You can check out Cheng and Legere’s tweets below: 

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