PlayStation One, 2 and 3 games to be available on PS4, Vita and mobile devices

CES 2014: Sony to offer subscription-based game streaming service PlayStation Now

Sony has announced PlayStation Now: a service that will allow gamers to stream games to PS4, Vita and mobile devices.

A game-streaming service from the company had previously been teased in 2012 following its acquisition of technology from Gaikai.

PlayStation Now will offer a subscription-based service to gamers, who will also be able to rent games on a per-title basis.

The available library will consist of PlayStation One, 2 and 3 titles, which can be streamed without download on the PS4, PlayStation Vitas and non-PlayStation devices such as Sony Bravia televisions, mobiles and tablets.

“Playing your favourite PS3 game on your television will become a reality,” Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House told audience members at Sony’s CES conference.

Among the titles demonstrated using the technology at CES include PS3 exclusives The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension.

PlayStation Now will be offered in a limited beta later this month, with a worldwide launch in the summer.

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