Intel wants users to interactive with computers in the same way they do with other humans

CES 2014: Intel showcases RealSense motion tech and wearable devices

Intel is showing off its RealSense technology at this year’s CES, which the firm says will eliminate keyboards.

RealSense lets people use gestures and speech to interact with devices. The tech is made up of a 3D camera which can be integrated into a computer or tablet to provide a stereoscopic vision.

The idea is to let users communicate with computers more like they do with one another, using just eyesight and speech.

The stereoscopic vision gives the device the ability to recognise foreground and background so it can be controlled by a variety of hand gestures. It can also recognise expressions on the user’s face.

As well as RealSense, Intel has also unveiled some wearable tech products.

The Jarvis is a smart earpiece which listens to voice commands and can act as your own PA. Users can make calendar appointments, check messages and set reminders.

Intel has a smart bracelet too. The company is partnering with Opening Ceremony on the product and is currently keeping tight-lipped on whether it will be a smartwatch or fitness device.

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