Tiny device is ‘a Pentium-class Linux PC’ with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a custom app store

CES 2014: Intel Edison is an SD card-sized computer

Intel has unveiled the Edison, a tiny computer the size of an SD card.

The device was described on-stage by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich as a “full Pentium-class PC”. The miniature computer is powered by a dual-core Quark ‘system-on-a-chip’ (SOC) and includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

Running on Linux, the Edison also includes a custom-built app store and a specialised version of Wolfram Alpha’s Mathematica calculation engine.

To demonstrate the use of the Edison, Intel showed off the ‘Nursey 2.0’ concept, using a baby onesie equipped with the device to track the child’s temperature and display whether the baby was comfortable or not on a coffee mug.

The technology was also used to detect when a sleeping baby was beginning to wake up, automatically turning on a bottle warmer in time for feeding time.

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