Kolibree smart toothbrush will track overall dental health and inspire healthier brushing

CES 2014: Techno toothbrush to tackle suffering teeth

A tech-equipped toothbrush which aims to improve dental health has been shown off at CES.

The Kolibree smart toothbrush will track brushing habits, such as the length of time spent brushing and the areas of the mouth targeted, in order to inspire more efficient brushing and raise the level of oral health.

After brushing, the toothbrush can connect to a smartphone app and record the data of each brush stroke. Improvement is motivated by rewards and a scoring system, and further features can be added by developers using the brush’s API.

"It’s like a FitBit for your teeth," a Kolibree spokesperson told Mashable, referring to the line of wearable health and fitness trackers.

"The more you know about the health, the smarter you can be about how to approach it. The same should apply to dental care and oral care hasn’t been updated in years."

The toothbrush, which will launch later this year, will cost from $100 to $200, depending on model. Multiple brushes can be tracked by a single instance of the app, meaning whole families can stay white and pearly together.

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