App-controlled gizmo loses ball form factor, with customisable parts offering the chance “2B that shape or not 2B that shape”

CES 2014: Sphero 2B to roll into retail

The ball-shaped gadget Sphero has been given a dramatic makeover for its newest version.

The Sphero 2B loses the spherical shape of its predecessor in favour of a longer pill-shaped form factor. The elongated shape is equipped with gripped tracks at either end, with a distinctive glowing area in-between, an can whizz along at up to 14 feet per second.

The form factor can be further altered by users using a number of swappable parts, letting them decide; “2B that shape or not 2B that shape. That is the question.”

The 2B is joined by a number of new games which the app-controlled gizmo can used with, bringing the total number of available iOS and Android apps to 35.

The new Sphero 2B will be released in Fall 2014, with a price tag of $100 (£61).

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