Platform-unifying chip teased using crop circle

CES 2014: Nvidia brings PC graphics to mobile with Tegra K1 ‘super chip’

Nvidia has announced its latest mobile chip, which it claims will bridge the gap between desktop computer graphics and mobile devices.

The Tegra K1, which was revealed on Sunday at CES, is a 192-core “super chip”. Nvidia explained that despite being the successor to the Tegra 4, the K1 was such a jump in power that it demanded a distinctly different name.

To demonstrate the power of the K1, Nvidia announced that Epic Games, the developer behind the Gears of War series and Infinity Blade, the iOS game renowned for its graphic fidelity, would be bringing Unreal Engine 4 to the chip. The impressive engine demo had previously been shown on the PS4 and Xbox One.

To further show the power of the chip, Nvidia compared its specifications to those of the PS3 and Xbox 360 – the K1 exhibiting a GPU power of 365 GFLOPS, almost double that of the PS3’s 192 and higher that the 360’s 240.

The K1 was originally teased in a crop circle stunt by Nvidia, which ploughed a representation of the chip labelled with ‘192’ in braille into a field.

The crop circle inspired several explanations before the reveal, including arguments of an astronomical event, a coded phrase confirming the existence of extra-terrestrial life and a reference to the search engine – which one website suggested revealed the message “The blind will see, and those who seek will find.”

See a video showing the creation of the unique advert below.

No release date or price range for the chip was revealed.

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