$129.99 Mad Catz Freq4D will ship this month in the US

CES 2014: Mad Catz vibrating headset to shake up PC gaming market

Mad Catz has shown off its $129.99 Mad Catz Freq4D headset that features haptic feedback, allowing gamers to feel low-frequency effects through the skin and bones around their ears.

The product will ship this month in the US, reports The Verge, which improves upon the existing $99.99 Mad Catz Freq3 headphones.

The Freq4D features ViviTouch electroactive polymer tech which adds a miniature subwoofer behind the 50mm stereo speaker drivers. It can be connected to a PS4, PC or Mac via a USB cable.

Mad Catz originally announced it would be using ViviTouch 4D Sound Technology for use in a gaming headset last summer.

Other headsets featuring the tech include the Able Planet Linx Fusion which is said to have a $299 price tag. This also has a dial that lets the user change the power of the vibrating effect.

Image source: The Verge

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