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Deloitte forecasts that mobile influence will continue to rise

Electronics most popular ‘showroomed’ products

Big ticket electrical items are the most researched product on a mobile phone in-store, with 79 per cent of customers looking them up.

According to a poll of 2,000 consumers by Deloitte Digital, the most popular products researched are as follows:

  • Electronic goods/appliances: 79%
  • Sporting goods/games/toys: 75%
  • Furniture/home furnishings: 72%
  • Food/beverages: 55%
  • Health/personal care: 51%

The research also found that in 2013, the percentage of in-store sales where mobile phones were used as part of the shopping experience was 6.8 per cent (representing £18 billion in sales).

Deloitte forecasts that mobile influence will rise, reaching 10 to 15 per cent of in-store sales by 2017, representing a possible £27 billion to £41 billion in sales.

This implies that more customers will research products in-store and buy them from the same store, rather than looking then going online to buy them online instead (a trend known as ‘showrooming’).

More info can be found on econsultancy.com

Photo source: Shutterstock (smiling couple checking something on the mobile phone)

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