Current $1,500 price tag reportedly set to drop to below $600

Google Glass has prescription prices announced as device price cut rumoured

The cost of prescription lenses for Google Glass has been revealed as the price of the smartglasses is rumoured to be set to fall.

Rochester Optical, which has partnered with Google to provide lenses for the device, has revealed that prescription options will begin at $99 (£60), with pre-orders set to open after CES next week.

The lenses will be able to clip straight into Glass following a slight redesign of the Explorer Edition of the system, which Google has begun to offer as a swap to existing Glass owners.

Tinted and transition options will also be available, although more details are yet to be revealed.

The news follows rumours that the price of the consumer version of Glass is set to fall considerably before its launch.

Some analysts have suggested that Google is looking to offer Glass for under $600 (£362) – a reduction of almost $1,000 from the current $1,500 (£905) price tag – with others even predicting a final cost of closer to $299 or $399 (£180 or £241).

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