CEO John Chen added that the firm is ‘positioned for the long haul’

BlackBerry to renew company by focusing on ‘core business drivers’

BlackBerry’s CEO has penned an open comment on the future of the company, saying that he expects the firm to recover by targeting businesses.

In the article titled ‘BlackBerry: The way forward’, which was posted on the CNBC website, John Chen stated that the firm, which recently suffered job cuts and financial difficulty, and was forced to put itself up for sale in the past few months, is “strong financially, technologically savvy and well-positioned for the future”.

“In less than two months, my team and I have engineered a new strategy to stabilize the company, return to our core strength in enterprise and security, and maximize efficiencies,” Chen added, explaining that the team’s “first priority was to focus on [BlackBerry’s] core business drivers”.

The firm is known for its use among businesses due to the high level of security integrated into its devices, including being the only MDM provider to have the “Authority to Operate” on US Department of Defence networks and holding contracts with all seven G7 governments.

Chen, who replaced sacked CEO Thorsten Heins in November, said that a partnership with major manufacturer Foxconn would also help the company “to be more nimble and responsive to market demands and customer needs”.

“With a partner dedicated to our hardware, BlackBerry can focus on what we do best – iconic design, world-class security, software development and enterprise-mobility management,” Chen added.

“We’ve accomplished a great deal in these last couple months, and we’re positioned for the long haul.”

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