The price of the Aakash 4 has been cut in India

Production of £15 tablet begins in January

How low can you go? Production of the Aakash 4 tablet will begin in India in January 2014 and the device’s price is set to be slashed later in the year from £24 (2,500 Indian Rupees) to £15 (1,500 Indian Rupees).

It’s the latest version of the Aakash, which recently launched in the UK as the £30 UbiSlate 7Ci via English manufacturer Datawind.

"Aakash 4 has now been tendered for manufacturing," said telecom minister Kapil Sibal while addressing students at New Delhi’s Modern School.

"From January 2014, Aakash 4, which is like any other modern tablets in the country, is going to be manufactured by several players."

"The cost of [the tablet] at the moment we say is 2,500 Indian Rupees but its going to come down to 1,500 Indian Rupees."

18 manufacturers have been tendered for the contract, for which bidding opens today (December 20th).

Sibal added that after around five to seven years, there will be enough Aakash tablets for every school children in India.

The Aakash 4 will have a seven-inch scratch resistant touch screen, a front camera, Bluetooth, 4GB of internal storage with room to expand this to up to 32GB externally, and 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity.

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