A look at the most popular stories on PCR throughout the year

PCR top stories of the year 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we take a look at this year’s most talked about stories on PCR.

Amazon’s UK Black Friday 2013 sale launches

Amazon’s Black Friday has hit the UK with week-long and lightning deals on tech goods.

Although an American tradition, Black Friday has been working its way across the pond over the past few years. It’s also evolved from a shopping day to mark the start of the US festive season, into a week’s worth of bargains ending on Cyber Monday (December 2nd) – the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Playing Starcraft is good for the mind, study suggests

In what seems to be a continuing emergence of proof that videogames can benefit our psychological development, a new research article posted to open-access online science journal PLOS ONE claims that playing RTS games such as the fast-paced sci-fi classic Starcraft could boost players’ cognitive flexibility.

Amazon: Xbox One to be biggest and fastest selling console ever – until the PS4 arrives

Amazon.co.uk has said that the Xbox One will be the biggest and fastest selling console in its history when it releases this Friday, November 22nd.

However, the retailer added that Microsoft’s reign at the top of the chart is to be cut short after a week, when the PS4 will overtake it following its release on November 29th.

iPhone 6 release date, rumours, news, case, features, price, design

The Apple iPhone 6 – which is what everyone is assuming Apple’s next iPhone will be called – has had no official confirmation, but that won’t stop it being the most wanted gadget on the planet.

GTA 5 multiplayer, Online, release date, gameplay, consoles, trailer

The GTA series has been about the most popular video gaming franchise in history. The original Grand Theft Auto started out on the PC and PSOne in 1997, and has since spawned many spin offs and sequels. All of which feature to some extent car jacking, sandbox (or the freedom to run around the game world as you please), and guns. Lots of guns.

Forbes Magazine’s Office 365 ad has built-in free T-Mobile WiFi hotspot

Microsoft’s latest publicity stunt for Office 365 sees Forbes readers treated to 15 days of free WiFi.

The magazine’s latest issue features a cardboard insert packed with a fully functional T-Mobile router.

Total War: Rome 2 hands-on preview

Sega’s latest strategy title Total War: Rome 2 made its way to London’s newest gaming bar, MADD/Loading, ahead of its September 3rd release, and PCR was there to learn all about the art of war.

iPhone 5s release date, price, news, images, specs

The iPhone 5s is a rumoured smartphone widely speculated to be Apple’s next model.

This thus far fictional product runs along the just as rumoured iPhone 6, which could also be released by the firm.

PS4 UK release date November, say PC World and Currys

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) WILL be released in the UK this November, according to retailers PC World and Currys.

The pair has just revealed their Top Ten Tech Gifts for Christmas 2013 list, with Microsoft’s Xbox One at number one and Sony’s PS4 second.

Rising stars: 30 under thirty

PCR takes a look at some of the young stars lighting up the PC and technology industry with their hard work and dedication.

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